Guna Smriti Sewa


If there is something Guna Group never forgot all these years is to give back to the society. It has always been involved with social causes and charities. And it was about time it took matters seriously. With the establishment of Guna Smriti Sewa, it showed how.

“In 2005, Guna Group added Guna Smriti Sewa, a separate entity, entirely for social services. They worked on protecting the tangible and intangible cultural heritage.”

Acting as a mediator and assisting in social services, it worked on contributing to social heritages. And it worked on developing Social- Cultural ties. It never took anything for granted and made sure it contributed to the culture and the people.


Fund Generation

Links up with Guna Cinema to generate funds through charity screenings of movies.


Protects and supports elderly citizens and contributes to orphanages.


Contributed in the field of Education, sports, health and also conducted events and felicitation programs.


Guna Smriti Sewa believes in the upliftment of the community to develop a prosperous society. Hence it is involved in a number of social services.

-Helps with financial assistance to needy

-Community health service camps

-Charity shows

-Supports elderly citizens

-Socio-Cultural developments

-Vocational training for underprivileged communities

-Scholarships for bright students

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