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The Guna Group

A household name,thriving in the heart of Kathmandu, Guna Group has been serving Nepalese since the 80s in different avenues of services. Headed by the visionary, Mr. Rajendra Shakya, Chairman of the Guna Group in the present accommodates more than a dozen companies in different industries: Housing & Constructions, Airlines, Finance, Education, Entertainment and Jewelleries. To name a few, Guna Group comprises successful brands such as Guna Colony, Guna Cinemas, Guna Airlines, Guna Enterprises, Guna Smriti Sewa, Guna Jewellers, Giant Constructions and Durbar Mall. With investment in associations like AP1 HD Television, Kathmandu Engineering College, The Massif Hotel, KIST Medical College and Teaching Hospital and United Mewa Khola Hydropower, the Guna Group is committed to provide ace service to fellow Nepalese in every aspect they desire.

Where it all began:
Our history, through our Chairman’s lenses: Mr. Rajendra Shakya.

Mr. Rajendra Shakya, Chairman of Guna Group of Industries, brings a relentless drive for innovation and revolution in Nepal’s economy. He is regarded as an unconventional thinker, who has led numerous companies in the Guna Group since 1984. Chairing thriving companies ,such as Guna Enterprises, Guna Films, Guna Co-operative, Guna Jewelers, Giant Constructions and directing Kathmandu Engineering College, The Massif Hotel, KIST Medical College, among many, Mr. Shakya has big plans for the future of Nepal’s booming economy. Mr. Shakya, who was the former founder Chairman of the KIST bank (now operating as Prabhu Bank), has promising ventures lined for the coming years, to name a few: Days Inn Hotel, Sunshine Apartment, Durbar Mall.

Amassing such a flourishing company humbly embarked in the 80s, when Mr. Shakya launched Guna Jewellers. Born to Mrs. Moti Maya Shakya and Mr. Tejman Shakya in Lalitpur, in a Shakya family, naturally asserted him in the traditional business of Jewellery. His attention to customer’s needs and customer service gradually earned ‘’Guna’’ a household brand status. To further serve communities in Lalitpur, Mr. Shakya diversified his investments into Entertainment (Guna Cinema) and Housing (Guna Colony) business.The Guna Cinema in the present is the largest theatre in  Nepal, with 9 screens accommodating 1268 movie goers in a single theatre. And, the project “Stupa Colony”, initiated in 1998, paved Mr. Shakya’s entry in the housing industry. With an intense focus on customer service and integrity, the brand ‘’Guna’’ has successfully claimed it’s place as one of the reputed business houses in Nepal.

Mr. Shakya’s endeavors can be sketched in a timeline:

1984: Guna Jewelers (Chairman)

1997: Guna Cinema Pvt. Ltd. (Chairman)

1998: Guna Colony Pvt. Ltd. (Chairman)

2005: Guna Smriti Sewa (Chairman)

Guna Co-operative Pvt. Ltd. (Chairman)

Guna Films Pvt. Ltd. (Chairman)

Guna Airlines Pvt. Ltd. (Chairman)

Giant Construction Pvt. Ltd. (Chairman)

The Massif Hotel (Chairman)

Durbar Mall (Chairman)

Durbar Cinemax (Chairman)

Guna Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (Chairman)

AP1 HD Television (Executive Vice Chairman)

Kathmandu Engineering College (Managing Director)

KIST Medical College and Teaching Hospital (Director)

United Mewa Khola Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. (Director)

Here’s what our Chairman, Mr. Rajendra Shakya, has to say about his journey:

‘’I am very happy that we’ve been able to transform and expand our business of traditional gold ornaments into a leading group of industries. The rapid progress of the company is due to its commitment to abide by the highest principles while doing the business – the integrity in commercial transactions.’’



“Message from the Managing Director”

‘’Guna Group is the outcome of commitment and diligence from everyone involved in this collaborative journey of ours. I am here, only to facilitate this alliance into the prosperous future. Together, we will strive forward, aspiring Innovation and synergy’’,


    Managing Director 

       Diprash Shakya

The company

Guna Group is an empire led by Rajendra Shakya. Guna Jewelers snowballed into Guna Group after 37 years (2021) of hard work and determination. Every experience it gained has shaped the company, strengthened it and has prepared it to take advantage of the future in an improved way.

Bringing in newer concepts and technologies has been its forte. It is a trendsetter in the Nepali movie theater business and the real estate.

Fields endeavored by the chairman:

-Housing         -Education           -Entertainment
-Aviation         -Banking               -Medicine

Our Mission

To exceed our customer’s expectations with innovative & bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspections and Certifications services for their operations.

Our Vision

To become the world’s most trusted partner for Quality Assurance. Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.


Our Smart Approach


High tech and updated facilities
Multiplex and shopping mall

Real Estate:

Seismic Resistant Building Structures Nepal Building Code 101, 102, 105, 110
Indian Standard Code IS 456:2000, IS 1893:2002, IS 13920

Social Service

A separate organization to deal with charitable activities
Only a sustainable society can contribute to the economy

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