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Where we stand

Guna Group is the pioneer corporation to introduce apartment system in Nepal and is the first to introduce a movie theater with a Dynamic Stereophonic sound system. We believe in progress and service.



Movies are the best and the easiest source of entertainment. We provide you affordable and the best in this business.

Real Estate

Real Estate

When you know you have chosen the best, you can sleep better. Guna Group makes sure; their customers are valued and listened to.



What good is all the money when it cannot help the ones who need it the most? We don’t look for excuses; we find a way to be of use.

About Us

Hello! We are the Guna Group!!

“It all about determination, drive and more drive.”

The company

The Guna Group is an empire led by Rajendra Shakya. Guna Jewelers snowballed into Guna Group after 37 years (2021) of hard work and determination. Every experience it gained has shaped the company, strengthened it and has prepared it to take advantage of the future in an improved way.

Bringing in newer concepts and technologies has been its forte. It is a trendsetter in the Nepali movie theater business and the real estate.


Fields endeavored by the chairman:


-Housing    -Education  -Entertainment


-Aviation    -Banking      -Medicine


Our Projects

We have completed more than 50 projects in the short period time and
all the projects are done by our expert team with 100% satisfaction.

Latest News

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously and towards this end, we have established Guna Smriti Sewa which is active in social service on behalf of the company. As one of its initiatives, it is currently conducting an ongoing blood donation campaign.

Our Practice & Services

Our Practice is Practice Management Software designed With our Phone,
Email and Remote Support services, for customer problem.

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