Guna Colony

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In 1998, Guna Group introduced apartment system in Nepal when people were a skeptic of this kind of housing system; Stupa Housing. It succeeded and there was no looking back. Numerous housing projects followed.

“When you are genuine, people find it easy to relate to and you help each other in a long run. Guna Colony was yet another shining badge for the Guna Group.”

Guna Colony introduced modern homes and encouraged modern lifestyle. These luxury houses fulfilled modern requirements and facilities. It was a better way to live and enjoy your daily life. This made living in the concrete city a little better.

The rapid progress of Guna Colony is due to commitment to abide by the highest principles while doing business-integrity in commercial transactions, reliability in construction methods, and consistency in quality output every time. This has resulted in the making of luxurious state-of-the-art housing facilities with a perfect combination of ambience, comfort and elegance. That is why all of the company‘s projects have received a warm and enthusiastic response from hundreds of delighted clients.


Guna Colony has successfully completed a project of over 600 units of bungalow houses and apartment flat throughout Kathmandu valley offering range of affordable and modern living to its customers.

Reliable construction

Earthquake Resistant

Seismic Resistant Building Structures

According to Nepal Building Code : 101, 102, 105, 110

Banking Facilities

Easy Financial Facilities

International Certification

Indian Standard Code

IS 456:2000, IS 1893:2002, IS 13920


To start something new is easy but what is worth mentioning is the courage it takes to continue and intensify it. Guna Colony still strives to be people’s first preference.

-Luxurious Rooms

-Modern and well-engineered homes

-Proper banking facility

-Well managed Security system

-Modern additional necessities like pool, gym, park

-Proper parking system

-Earthquake resistant homes

Our Projects

STUPA HOUSING, Sinamangal, Kathmandu

Each of the 160 apartments in the building are well equipped with 3 bedrooms, 1 attached bathroom, 1 common bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen room come dining room. All the apartment are well ventilated and provided with plenty of natural light to, make living here a healthy experience. In addition, 24-hour security service, a swimming pool, a health club, a green courtyard and adequate parking space for both occupant and guests ensure that life here is convenient, comfortable and relaxing.

LP APARTMENT, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

This 14 storied apartment building is very conveniently located and has 50 flats, each covering an area of 2050 sq. ft. Every floor is facilitated by elevator service and the complex has provisions for adequate parking space on the ground floor as well as in the basement.

GG Tower, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

This is a 10 storied apartment designed and constructed to facilitate official requirements. The complex comes with a double basement and especially large parking space in the basement. All the floors are serviced by elevator.

LLP APARTMENT, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

This is a 12 storied apartment which has 48 flats with adequate parking areas, one on the ground floor and the other on the basement. The complex is very conveniently located and has all provisions necessary to facilitate both residential and official requirements including elevator service on each floor.

RELIABLE COLONY, Bhaisipati, Lalitpur

Located in a pollution free environment, the plan includes construction of 110 houses, of which 70 have already been completed in the first phase. Each house is two and a half stories tall and is built on an area ranging from 3.5 annas to 7 annas. The floor area of the buildings range from 1700 sq.ft. to 2700 sq. ft. each.

Other Housings

– Buddhanagar: 16 units of bungalow House

– Dhumbarahi: 9 Units of bungalow House

– Sanepa: 25 Units of bungalow House

– Jhamsikhel: 20 Units of bungalow House

– Jawlakhel: 42 Units of bungalow House

– Pulchowk: 9 Units of bungalow House

– Sinamangal: 24 Units of bungalow House

– Baneshwor: 4 Units of bungalow House

– Gwarko: 18 Units of bungalow House

– Kusunti: 5 Units of bungalow House

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