Durbar Cinemax

The love for cinemas is universal. Watching a good movie with a comfortable seat, delectable food, and a fantastic ambience is the best feeling! With the vision of creating the quintessential movie experience, Durbar Cinemax, built and owned by Guna Group, is all set to welcome its audience. It is a perfect amalgamation of comfort and luxury, and it is the place to be for a premium movie-watching with good company and great vibes.

Durbar Cinemax is all set to bring a brand-new cinema experience for all movie enthusiasts. It is a hall based in Kathmandu and commenced under the Guna Group. QFX manages the operations. Located right at the city’s heart, Durbar Cinemax graces the 6th floor of Durbar Mall, Durbar Marg.

Website: www.durbarcinemax.com 

For information:

  • +977 9808080308
  • 01-4250242
  • 01-4250243




Private Screening

The Cinemax also offers private screenings where you can book the entire hall for personal gatherings, meetings, and celebrations. You could utilize Durbar Cinemax for a personal screening with prior bookings and arrangements. The rates depend upon the seats you book.

Couple seatings

Love in the air!

Going to watch a movie with your partner is an ideal date. Imagine also having seats that are couple friendly! Well, search no further. Durbar Cinemax has seats designed for couples in Audi 2. You get to enjoy the movie in close proximity to your loved ones. With this arrangement of couples-seat, you are sure to enjoy a romantic date together.

Dolby Cinema

Live the action.

Make your moviegoing experience a thrilling cinematic experience with Dolby’s cutting-edge picture and sound technology, which immerses you in the majestic sights and epic sounds.

Premium Seatings

The Cinemax has Premium Italian leather recliner seating with adjustment buttons. You can easily adjust your seats according to your comfort. There is ample leg space and no compromise regarding convenience. Good, well-furnished seats are a luxury that everyone seeks while watching movies. Durbar Cinemax prioritises your ease and comfort.

Food ordering

A cinema adventure is not just about being a movie fanatic or technical connoisseur; it’s also the culinary experience.
Food at the cinema is what brightens your mood. Durbar Cinemax offers seats equipped with buttons that prompt notification for placing your food order.

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