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The company

Guna Group is an empire led by Rajendra Shakya. Guna Jewelers snowballed into Guna Group after 33 years (2017) of hard work and determination. Every experience it gained has shaped the company, strengthened it and has prepared it to take advantage of the future in an improved way.

Bringing in newer concepts and technologies has been its forte. It is a trendsetter in the Nepali movie theater business and the real estate.

Fields endeavored by the chairman:

-Housing         -Education           -Entertainment
-Aviation         -Banking               -Medicine

Our Mission

To exceed our customer’s expectations with innovative & bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspections and Certifications services for their operations.

Our Vision

To become the world’s most trusted partner for Quality Assurance. Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Our History In Numbers

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Guna Cinema

In 1997, Guna Groups began with the hope of entertaining the public. A perfect blend of modernization and nativity is displayed in the names of the theaters.

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Simrik Airlines

Established in 2009, Simrik Airlines has today well established itself as the most prominent fixed wing airline in Nepal.

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Guna Colony

In 1998, Guna Groups introduced apartment system in Nepal when people were a skeptic of this kind of housing system.

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Guna Smriti Sewa

If there is something Guna Group never forgot all these years is to give back to the society. It has always been involved with social causes and charities.

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Guna Enterprises

In 2018, Guna Groups started to work as a dealer of Hero Motocorp Ltd and Bella Motors.

Our Smart Approach


High tech and updated facilities
Multiplex and shopping mall

Real Estate:

Seismic Resistant Building Structures Nepal Building Code 101, 102, 105, 110
Indian Standard Code IS 456:2000, IS 1893:2002, IS 13920

Social Service

A separate organization to deal with charitable activities
Only a sustainable society can contribute to the economy


The Guna Group

Like most Shakya sons, Rajendra Shakya too grew up hammering and weighing gold and silver during Moni Nakha. This is the culture and tradition that the Shakyas follow.


No sooner, at a very young age of 19, in 1984 he dove into this traditional business of Jewellery making. Guna Jewelers was launched and this was just the first stone that he paved in making it one of the most successful business house of Nepal. Only time could have predicted it.


That was the 80’s and what the 90’s soared it was worth all the wait and effort.

With the launch of Guna Cinema, in 1997, Guna Group introduced a new line of business. Although it was a new project, this was a risk he was willing to take. He brought in Dynamic Sound System in Nepal, the first one ever.

Mr. Shakya did not target on being a successful businessman, he continuously worked on making himself and the cinema hall better. Well, it worked.

After All, we only regret the chances that we didn’t take. Now there was no looking back.

In 1998, Guna Group added in yet another line of business, real estate. With Guna Colony, it introduced apartment system in Nepal. It was, however, a new concept but with time it did grow popular and escalated Guna Group.

Now, all it had to do was to move on, Guna Colony added in a number of projects, all succeeded.

Then in 2005, Guna Group introduced, Guna Smriti Sewa, a charitable organization that does charitable works under Guna Group. This was by far the best decision Mr. Shakya took, after all, what is a business if it doesn’t understand giving back to the society.

Although the organization had been involved in a lot of charitable works with Guna Smriti Sewa, it made sure charity wasn’t overlooked at all.

In the last 33 years(2017), Guna Group has managed to uplift the living standard of the people and has worked fiercely in contributing to the Nepalese economy.

Message from the Chairman

“I am very happy that we have been able to transform and expand our business of traditional gold ornaments into a leading group of industries,” said Rajendra Shakya.  “The rapid progress of the company is due to its commitment to abide by the highest principles while doing the business- the integrity in commercial transactions.”

Short Biography of the Chairman

Founder of Guna Groups, Mr. Rajendra Shakya (Dijendra) was born to Mrs. Moti Maya Shakya And Mr. Tej Man Shakya in  Kathmandu, Nepal.

At a very young age of 19, he started a jewelry store hoping to continue the traditional jewelry making business. It designed and manufactured handmade gold and silver jewelry. Today it is able to take orders in a large quantity and it also exports its products.

It was indeed a family venture to start with, that turned out to be one of the biggest enterprises of the country.

Mr. Rajendra Shakya didn’t stop, he moved into theater business (Entertainment Sector) where he established a movie theater that is still the largest in Nepal. It has nine screens and also has the largest screen in the country. Though this was very different than what he had been doing, it was worth the change. Guna Cinema is counted among the most popular cinemas in Nepal.

In 1998, he put his hands on the real estate business with Stupa Colony and introduced apartment and colony system in the country. He has numerous projects under Guna Colony.

He is the Managing Director of Simrik Airlines (Formerly Chairman of Guna Airlines) and Kathmandu Engineering College. And he is also the director of Annapurna Television and KIST Medical College.

Mr. Shakya’s endeavors can be sketched in a timeline:

1984:   Guna Jewelers (Chairman)

1997:   Guna Cinema  (Chairman)

1998:   Guna Colony (Chairman)

2005:   Guna Smriti Sewa (Chairman)

Guna Films (Chairman)

Simrik Airlines (Chairman / Managing Director)

Kathmandu Engineering College (Managing Director)

Annapurna TV (Director)

KIST Medical College (Director)


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